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Accept Cards
at Public EV-charging

We integrate with all existing infrastructure.

Accept any payment on any charge point.


Together for Excellence

User Experience

Improve the payment process by simplifying checkout, optimizing flow, and providing convenient payment options.

Versatility in Application

With a single API, gain access to a global range of payment methods and real-time data for any and all charge point models.


Cost efficient, scalable, and retrofitted products enable faster, wider deployment of infrastructure, making EV ownership more practical and appealing.

Full Technical
Support & Service

Assistance and product maintenance, ensuring they are functioning optimally and addressing any issues that arise.


Kick-off Project Helsinki

The innovative and socially beneficial development project between "Maria01" and "Bcar" for the launch of our new product is set to revolutionize the payment process for public and commercial EV charging by enhancing the availability of multiple payment methods, including card payments. The project is aimed at reducing transaction time, enhancing efficiency, and improving the user experience by introducing the latest technology.


The new product is developed with a user-centric design approach, taking into account customer feedback and insights, which will inform the product's features and functionality. The collaboration between the two companies brings together a wealth of experience and expertise, with "Maria01" and its members bringing their input on technology and "Bcar" bringing their deep understanding of the industry.


The project involves an experimental phase where the new product is tested in various scenarios, with feedback being used to refine and improve the product. This approach ensures that the product will be fully optimized for use across different markets and customer segments.


The product is designed to be scalable, enabling easy integration with different charging infrastructure and payment systems. This approach will ensure that the new product is flexible and can be adapted to different needs and requirements, while also being cost-effective.


Overall, this collaborative project aims to make payments more accessible and efficient, providing a better user experience for customers. This will help to drive the adoption of electric vehicles, making a significant contribution to reducing carbon emissions and building a more sustainable future.


We Take Pride in Our Numbers


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Business Partners


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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Charge Point Operators, accelerate your business by offering innovative payment and connectivity solutions for public charging. Bcar's solutions enhance the user experience, increase usage, and boost visibility on multiple platforms, leading to increased revenue and growth opportunities. Bcar is an ideal partner for those seeking to expand and enhance their public EV charging business.

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