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Now anyone can operate an EV-charger

Upload your EV-charger and let EV-users around the world rent it from you to charge their vehicles.

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Worldwide Service

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What can Bcar.app do for you?

Are you looking to charge your EV?

Find any type of EV-charger from anywhere in the world. Use the APP to reserve yourself an EV-charger and use it to charge your vehicle.

Get paid to share your EV-charger?

Using the Bcar services you get paid for renting out your EV-charger. You do not need to buy a specific charger, you can use any EV-charger.

Bumping into a problem?

Bcar offers first class service, and we are all about the user experience. The APP itself has a report system to help you if you notice any problems. If that's not enough, Bcar will be there to help you in 6 different languages.

Do you want to install an EV-charger?

Leasing a charger might just be the very best EV solution yet. With the leasing agreement, you get the charger ready for installation* and we take care of potential charger failures, wear and tear.

How does it work?

Find an EV-charger from the map and Navigate to it

Plug in and charge for up to 24 hours, paying by the hour

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Reserve and activate the EV-charger

Stop your reservation, payment goes through automatically

Sharing a charger?


Upload your EV-charger on the platform and place it on the map


Share your EV-charger to let a user charge their vehicle

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Choose your open hours, or leave the EV-charger open without timed limits

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Get paid for the use of your EV-charger


About the app

Bcar is a mobile app platform and charging equipment supplier connecting both private and corporate electric car chargers with users in need of charging (PHEV: Plug-in Electric Vehicles & BEV: Battery Electric Vehicles). The innovative ideas and solutions of Bcar is pushing the whole world towards electrified transportation and immensely improves the very needed charging infrastructure, in Europe and across the world.


Founding team

Lucas Nilsson & Eric Rimón


CEO & CFO - Eric Rimón


+358 40 500 4218


COO & CTO - Lucas Nilsson


+ 358 40 485 8700


This app is for you

This application is made for users by users. Bcar is focused on the experience and uses creative solutions to simplify the everyday charging process. Thanks to Bcar, anyone can commercialise their own charging station and make a profit.

Charger operator - You or a business with access to car parking and electricity, set up your charger so it’ll start to earn it’s keep.

EV user  - In need of charging, welcome to Bcar and its large expanded new charging infrastructure.

Charging equipment

We have solutions for your house, farm, apartment building, public parking, charging fleet, road café, car dealership, really for any place or situation you may be in. Take a look at the products in our stock or contact us to find the perfect solution for you.

Download the app

Available now on App Store & Google Play

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