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Drive Into the New Age of Public Electric Vehicle Charging

Our Services

User Experience Modernization

Bcar's payment solutions streamline the payment process for Charge Point Operators, simplifying checkout, optimizing flow, and providing convenient payment options. With our innovative payment methods and user-friendly interface, customers can pay quickly and efficiently, improving the user experience and boosting usage.

Infrastructure Acceleration

Bcar's cost-efficient, scalable, and retrofitted products enable Charge Point Operators to deploy infrastructure faster and wider, making EV ownership more practical and appealing. Our solutions are designed to be flexible and adaptable, allowing for easy integration into existing systems and networks. By leveraging our expertise and technology, Charge Point Operators can expand their EV charging offerings and provide their customers with reliable and convenient charging solutions.

Versatility in Application

Bcar's API provides Charge Point Operators with a global range of payment methods and real-time data for any and all charge point models, all accessible through a single integration. With this innovative solution, Charge Point Operators can offer their customers a seamless and secure payment experience, while gaining valuable insights to optimize their network performance and increase revenue.

Full Technical Support & Service

Bcar provides ongoing assistance and maintenance for their products, ensuring that they function optimally and addressing any issues that arise. Our dedicated support team is available to help Charge Point Operators with any questions or concerns, providing peace of mind and enabling them to focus on their core business. By partnering with Bcar, Charge Point Operators can benefit from a comprehensive and reliable solution for their EV charging needs.


We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Bcar is an addition for your business, enhancing your new or existing charging services with innovative products. Our solutions provide multiple payment methods, advertising opportunities, clear visuals, and live-data on multiple platforms. Partner with Bcar to increase revenue, improve customer experience, and drive growth for Charge Point Operators.

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