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Our Mission

To get rid of fossil energy and protect life on earth.

Freedom for people to come together, live, work and travel easier.

Payment solutions for EV charging so obvious, it goes without asking.

The mission declares the purpose of the organization and how it serves its customers.

  • The market situation is still underdeveloped and it is changing very rapidly.

  • The demand is expected to grow at a fast pace.

  • The earning logics may change over time.

  • It is essential to continuously re-evaluate the business model and follow the evolution of the market.

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Business Environment

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2027 Vision

Bcar is the leading company for public EV charging in Europe.

Over 75% of commercial Charge Point Operators in Europe use our smart and easy payment services.

Bcar is recognized for promoting green and humanitarian values.

The Vision for 2027 depicts the long-term goal and dream.

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Company Values

We believe in the strength of bringing people together, on a mission to protect life on earth.

For us, diversity and equality is absolutely imperative and this is reflected in our organization, services and relationships.

We live and fight for environmental, economical and cultural sustainability.

Our values are measured and analysed on a regular basis.

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